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    Service Concept

    Service conceptCustomer first, service oriented
    “Customer first, service oriented” is the long-term pursuit of Boder wallpaper. From enquiry, ordering, logistics to the after-sales service, we always accompany you around and provide you with a joyful, easeful and comfortable customer service. Customers will be respected, understood and provided with service beyond expectations. The most important criterion we measure success is the degree of customer satisfaction.

    Service System

    Baodao wallpaper has established a complete set of service system, covering from the pre-sales, sales and the after-sales process, so as to provide our customers with an all-round purchasing service.

    Pre-sales: considerate decorative advice
    To achieve the best decorative effect, after customers purchase Boder wallpaper, our sales staff will remind them to pay attentions to the following points during the decoration process:
    1、The surface of the wall
    The surface of the wall should be suitable for paste. It should be smooth and dry, with carrying capacity, neutral PH value and Moderate absorption;
    The inside corner and outside corner should be straight and without any hollowing or cracks. The old wall and paint needs to be reprocessed before wallpaper application.
    2、Door frame and window frame
    Install the door frame and window frame first, and use the putty to repair the crevice of the edge of the door and the window.
    3、Lamps and switch sockets
    Install the circuit and ensure that the pipeline is unobstructed first. Reserve enough length of wire and after the wallpaper is applied, install lamps and switch sockets.
    Reserve the heating pipe and the hanging parts. After the application of the wallpaper is finished, connect the radiator with the pipe.
    The solid wood floor is easy to scratch, so we suggest installing the floor after the application of wallpaper finished. Enhanced floor installation can be carried out before the wallpaper application, since the wallpaper can cover the crevice between the baseboard and the wall without the need for any glass glue, which avoids indoor pollution.
    Before applying the wallpaper, please finish the air-conditioning hole. Install the air-conditioning after the application of wallpaper finished, so that you can avoid making the wallpaper dirty and making the application of wallpaper convenient.
    Sale: thoughtful construction support
    1、Door-to-door service for the quantity measurement;
    2、Professional wall detection service and wall processing plans for different wall materials;
    3、Professional technical advice:
    (1)Solving relevant decorative problems;
    (2)Eliminating customers’ misunderstanding in the application and the use of the wallpaper and saving money and time for customers.
    4、High quality construction team recommendation
    After-sales service: quick customer service response
    1、Unified service platform, quick customer service response;
    2、Independent after-sales service team, objective and fair responsibility definition;
    3、Timely and comprehensive customer visit.