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    Yongpangaofeng dreams - Guangdong Phoenix wallpaper limited company in the 2015 Spring Festival part


    新万博manbetx官网登录_万博手机注册登录_万博体育官网登录 Singing and dancing, brightly shining, in this happy night, all the more than 300 employees gathered to share the harvest feast. The party with "Yongpangaofeng achievements dream" as the theme, show the Guangdong Phoenix wallpaper limited company all staff continue to forge ahead, hard work ahead in the spirit of enterprise, at the same time the expression of the rapid development of the company's best wishes. The whole party was a warm, joyful and harmonious scene, full of inspiring joy.


      A party in the sales department has a passionate dance "" Bel cool in the prelude, the wonderful performance quickly detonated the whole atmosphere, won the audience applause.


      The party host by the company Marketing Director Wen Yong and Administration Manager Mai Sumei served on the meeting, the host was introduced to attend the party's leadership and invited guests, warmly welcome to everyone!


      The chairman of the company Mr. Dong Haoyang first spoke, a review of the past year the company has made brilliant achievements, to express my heartfelt thanks to all of our customers support and all the staff to work hard, at the same time that led to a new height in the new year, and extend New Year greetings to you!


      Next is the performance of the first appearance of the production department, the "excellent company collective chorus excellent soldiers", fully demonstrated the excellent performance, excellent production team spirit and excellent style of action.


      Followed by all members of the customer service department for everyone to bring the wonderful dance "spark", the youth of the beautiful customer service, beautiful women on stage vitality, won the audience applauded!


      The company's production team not only strives for excellence in the work, conscientious, and is more talented in life. The production department to bring the sketch "stupid thief", the show attracted the audience uproarious audience full of wit and humour, praise!


      Small volume of all members of the dance for everyone, "forward", meaning the company in the new year, solidarity, and constantly move forward, towards a new level!


      The first-class enterprises need to be equipped with first-class team, from the sales department sales elites to bring thrilling team show, clank man, all tenderness, the Phoenix iron soldiers wrote a magnificent poem with youth and sweat!


      The next show turns staged, both tacit understanding of the collective chorus, solo is also beautiful and affectionate, a series of investment intentions of the show all show a company employee innovation, pragmatic, confident style.


      The meal time, all the staff's, a toast to celebrate, enjoy the sight of food and wine, while not forgetting to colleagues from a cup, each send a sincere blessing!


      The party in the process of interactive games interspersed with a novel link, we have to actively participate in investment intentions which interesting topic questions brought laughter to everyone, but also let the heart more close to each other between colleagues.

      The party into the most exciting part of the draw, with third-prize, two prize and special prize of the extraction, the party constantly set off another round of upsurge, singing, applause, cheers with the New Year blessing echoed in the hall.


      At the end of the evening time, the sales department and customer service department jointly brought the end of "little apple" and dance medley of songs, expressing confidence and good wishes for a bright future of the company, will be the atmosphere to a climax, the whole year will be happy, in a warm and happy atmosphere to a successful conclusion!


      Tonight the stars tonight, brightly shining, unforgettable tonight, unforgettable moment. Carrying too much to abandon and moved, 2014 has left us far away, facing the new 2015, the Phoenix is full of vision, 2015 will be an extraordinary year, leap year. Create first-class enterprise, create an international brand, let us use persistence and confidence and swagger, CO writing a more brilliant tomorrow!