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          Boder wallpaper is popular among customers for its original design and high quality. However, recently we’ve found that a small number of merchants on network platforms like T-mall and Taobao are selling in the name of Boder wallpaper. In this regard, we solemnly declare that:
    1. Up to now, Boder wallpaper has never authorized any dealers, franchise stores or individuals to sell our wallpaper products online. Any products appearing online may be fake and counterfeit goods, please be alert.
    2. For the products sold online, Boder wallpaper will not shoulder any responsibilities or provide any service.
    3. Any units or individuals who display pictures, parameters and prices of the products or sell the products on the Internet without authorization should revoke immediately, otherwise Boder wallpaper will reserve the right to investigate for their legal responsibility.
    4. Different wallpapers may look quite similar, but their real qualities are of great difference. Boder wallpaper produces high-end deep embossing wallpaper, whose exquisite craftsmanship and excellent texture should be touched and sensed in person instead of from the pictures. To guarantee the best decorative effect and ensure the quality and after-sales service of the products, please buy in the physical stores in building material markets to avoid unnecessary losses.

    Boder wallpaper
    June 19, 2017